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The Primaloft Collection

The Primaloft Collection

The Primaloft Collection is made to use all year long. Sturdy enough to hold it's own as an outer. Flexible and soft to use as a second l...
High quality T-shirt and sweatshirts

Casual Collection

T-Shirt, crewneck sweatshirts for men and women. Wearing Rocky Mountain Featherbed everyday is the way to go we believe.  WIth our Casual...
Where to buy down vests

The Original Collection

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Original Down Vests are easy to spot, just look for the iconic leather yoke.  Born in the Wyoming wilderness th...
Rocky Mountain Featherbed movie stills, röd rocky mountain featherbed väst
RMFB grön väst, trädgårdsarbete med rocky mountain featherbed
RMFB primaloft väst blå, Rocky mountain primaloft vest blue
RMFB blue down gilet, RMFB white primaloft vest, baby blue van and skate aesthetics
RMFB t-shirt, kaffe i grekland med RMFB